This volunteer position is for those who are interested in Speech/Audiology or are completing education in the field.  The volunteer will assist staff with a variety of projects.




                Must be 18 years or older.

                Must be able to communicate effectively with others.

                Must have visual acuity, ability to alphabetize and manual dexterity.

                Good telephone skills.

                Ability to work independently in a busy environment.




Any volunteer assisting with patient care must understand and execute proper hand washing hygiene.

Washes dishes from feeding therapies

Pick up food trays in café for Happy Mealtimes program

Wash dishes from the Happy Mealtimes program

Assist in music therapy

Assist with PALS social skills groups

Assist with preschool language classroom

Keep test forms up to date and organized

Assist with record keeping and filing

Use basic computer skills to input and/or update information

Type envelopes/labels and photocopy documents, as needed

Assemble packets, kits and totes

Run errands throughout hospital campus, whenever needed

Perform special projects, as needed

Practice Service Excellence


Absolutely NO artificial nails of any kind are permitted, including:

  Wraps (silk or fiberglass material)

        Acrylics (material covering entire nail or extending beyond nail)

        Tips (added to end of nail)

        Tapes (double sided adhesive tape to secure plastic nail)

        Any appliques, including those made of nail polish (e.g. “Jamberry”)

        Nail-piercing jewelry of any kind

        Gel nail polish or polish that cannot be removed within 5 minutes for both hands (e.g. Shellac)

        Natural nails need to be trimmed, no longer that ¼ inch past the tip of the finger

        Polish, if worn, must be in good repair without cracks, chips, or nail-growth gap




Area specific orientation and training on the competencies above will be led by staff in the department listed at the top of this document. Both the volunteer trainee and staff trainer will sign the bottom of this document upon completion of training and a signed copy will be retained by the area.


General orientation is conducted by Volunteer Resources, which includes Service Excellence, Infection Control, Safety, Confidentiality, volunteer policies and procedures, and health screening prior to commencing their volunteer assignment.




        Wednesday 3:30-5:30 pm