Bedside music volunteers will have the opportunity to work in many units of the hospital including the medical units, intensive care units, and the hematology/oncology unit.  Volunteers will be asked to provide music entertainment, musical support, and music play activities at bedside.




Must be 18 or older

Must have good judgment and ability to interact and play with patients and make them comfortable and happy.

Must be proficient on the instrument being played.  Formal lessons are preferred but not required. 

Must be willing to be observed by the music therapist periodically and receive feedback regarding role as a music volunteer.






Follow patient assignment list during shift focusing on priority patients and special request given by the Music Therapist.

On arrival to room, determine if it is a good time to work with patient. (i.e. If patient is speaking with the physician, please check back at a later time when the patient is available to interact.)

Provide 1:1 interactions to patients in isolation. This includes strict adherence to isolation signs in order to ensure the safety of all.

Be able to choose and provide age appropriate music to patients.

Know and learn a few current/popular songs.

Help bring patients to music group and help facilitate.

Clean instruments under appropriate infection prevention protocols after each patient use.

Aid the music therapist with non-patient care services, such as instrument maintenance, managing music library, organizing music donations, etc.

Provide feedback to Music Therapist on patient interactions at the end of shift.

When questions or concerns arise, volunteers should ask the Music Therapist or bedside nurse. 

Adapt to the changing needs of the patients and the patient unit.


Absolutely NO artificial nails of any kind are permitted, including:



Orientation and Training:


Complete an annual In-service review

Area specific orientation and training on the competencies above will be led by staff in the department listed at the top of this document. Both the volunteer trainee and staff trainer will sign the bottom of this document upon completion of training and a signed copy will be retained by the area.


General orientation is conducted by Volunteer Resources, which includes Service Excellence, Infection Control, Safety, Confidentiality, volunteer policies and procedures, and health screening prior to commencing their volunteer assignment.





Volunteers will be required to commit to 2-4 hours per week (same time each week) for a minimum of 6 months. Volunteer shifts are between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm, Tuesday through Friday. This schedule will be determined by the Music Therapist.


Patient Contact: